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Building my site – Day Zero

I’ve just finished installing WordPress on my server, and I wanted to document the process as I build my site for future reference.  There is no much to look at, I know, but I promise that it’s going to change very fast. For now this is it:

  • The ‘Projects’ page is just a couple links to some of the web pages that I’ve built.  First thing tomorrow is to make a little plugin to handle a ‘Project’ custom post type.
  • The ‘About’ page is little more than the great, ‘Contact Form 7‘ plugin, by Takayuki Miyoshi. Aboslutely nothing to complain about it, in fact I believe it’s one of the best plugins available out there.

Welcome To My Site!

Hello! welcome to my site. Although you may not think so, for me, it has been quite overwhelming to write this post. As a first born myself I know that being so, one usually comes with a lot of hope and also with quite a few expectations.

But, which expectations can we have on a first post written in 2013? It may be very possible that everything that can be said has already been said before.

So, I just want to say two things: I hope that you will find  some of the information on this blog useful, and that I look forward to learn each day from your comments.